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1Aesthetics, Medical & Surgery
#14-90 The Central, 8 Eu Tong Sen St, Tower 1, Singapore 059818
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July, 2014
1Aesthetics, Medical & Surgery (Dr Wan Chee Kwang)

Aesthetic surgery has been considered a luxury that only a select, privileged few can afford. Lately, a trend emerged, making aesthetic treatments available at affordable prices, to allow everyone a chance to feel beautiful and look exactly the way they would like to. In order to make this dream come true, many clinics around the world offer treatments to enhance one’s appearance and confidence all at the same time.

About Dr Wan Chee Kwang

Dr Wan Chee Kwang, the medical director of 1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery clinic has this exact mindset. He believes that everyone deserves to be beautiful and that treatments should be accessible to people of all ages and all walks of life. Initially graduating from the National University of Singapore with degrees in medicine and surgery, Dr Wan has undergone additional training in the areas of urology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. The training was conducted in a number of different hospitals, allowing Dr Wan to gain a diverse variety of experience in each area during training. He has taken a special interest in surgery and continued on to be conferred the prestigious membership in the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

During his studies, Dr Wan received extensive surgical training, allowing him to understand priceless concepts and a lot of experience. This led to his eventual interest in aesthetic medicine. Enjoying the attention to detail facial aesthetics require, this has eventually become his area of expertise. With over 10 years of experience as an aesthetic surgeon, Dr Wan strives towards enhancing and innovating the aesthetic surgery industry. His ultimate goal is to provide affordable care to all patients, but also make the treatments faster and much more comfortable for the patients.

The Clinic - Location and Staff

The 1Aesthetics, Medical & Surgery clinic is located in the lively centre of Singapore’s Riverside lifestyle quarter. Located very close to the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Singapore River waterfront, it offers a scenic, breathtaking view of the city skyline. The clinic has been built and designed to both impress and put the patients at ease. A very comfortable clinic with a beautiful view overhead also offers a few luxury amenities, such as the complimentary Wi-Fi, a rooftop garden complete with the gym, pool and Jacuzzi.

Treatment Options

Thanks to Dr Wan’s extensive experience reaching beyond facial aesthetic surgery, the services offered at the clinic include many different treatments that are not necessarily related to the face only. A number of body treatments are also available, starting from treatments to help with bulky calves, excessive sweating, laser hair removal and hair loss treatment, mole removal all the way to weight management, body contouring and tattoo removal. This is definitely a one-stop-shop for all things that are related to appearance as a whole.

The Team’s Mission

The professional, experienced and helpful team is there to offer more than just a mere service. The advice in addressing any of your concerns as their top priority and one of their core values is excellent customer service. Their main goal is to have every one of the patients’ concerns addressed and that the patients themselves feel relaxed and comfortable at every visit. The clinic strongly believes that this is what allows them to build trust with every patient and allow them to feel guided on their personal aesthetic journey.

Core Values

Ultimately, the clinic is striving to provide quality service at a price that is considered affordable and finally bridge the gap between aesthetic treatments and luxury. This is something the clinic considers a commodity and they all strongly believe that each individual should take their own appearance into their hands and decide exactly the way they want to look. The clinic merely provides the necessary equipment, high standards of operation and the warm, personal touch to ensure that every visit is memorable and iconic in its own right.

A Passion for customer service

Dr Wan’s dedication extends beyond the clinics working hours. In fact, he is running a blog alongside his clinic, where he devotes time and his knowledge to answer questions customers or potential patients may have. This is also the home of good, medical advice and various guides that users can refer to when undergoing a certain procedure. In an effort to help many reach the answers, Dr Wan has taken to his blog and is happy to answer any question that you may have. The website also offers a built-in chat feature, allowing you to get in touch at your convenience and ask any questions that you might have. The staff is very friendly and very easy-going, making everyone feel like a friend, which is important when it comes to building lasting and memorable customer relations. Overall, this wholesome approach, combined with knowledge and years of experience would make anyone feel at ease. Therefore, it is completely understandable as to why this particular clinic is considered to be one of the best in the area.

Street address: #14-90 The Central, 8 Eu Tong Sen St, Tower 1
Postal code: 059818
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 17' 20.8104" N, Longitude: 103° 50' 48.0012" E