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When is Wisdom Tooth Removal an Emergency?

Impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth removal is a process that can be performed at any time of the day, as long as it is performed by a skilled dentist.

Cervical Cancer in Singapore

Cervical cancer is one of the top ten most common cancers among women in Singapore. Often, women who develop cervical cancer are unaware they have it because symptoms do not show until much later. Protect yourself and your young daughters by keeping a lookout of this disease.

Real or Fake Eye Bags: Your Guide to Eye Bag Removal in Singapore

Young woman looking her face in the mirror

Looking tired and haggard even though you have rested well? Look in the mirror again, maybe your eye bags make you look tired, haggard and older than you actually are.

Healthmark: The premier digital marketing SEO company in Singapore for clinics, doctors and healthcare institutions

Digital marketing SEO company

Everyone with a website should care about SEO. Even clinics and medical tech startups should be able to keep up with the times. In our world today, almost everyone looks up everything online making it essential for every business to have a website.

Skinbooster in Singapore — What You Should Know

Laughing young pretty woman

There are many different ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Some are surgical and require plenty of downtime. While they have their share of side effects, they also provide long-lasting results.

Fat Freezing in Singapore

Girl with Perfect Body in Blue Waving Dress

No matter how much you try to be careful with what you eat. No matter what kind of exercise you do. There will still be stubborn fats lingering around your body and are usually on parts that are quite obvious for people to see. 

Ellanse Singapore – The Dermal Filler of Choice for Long Lasting Results

Woman, ready to use Dermal Filler

Is your age starting to catch up on you? Are wrinkles showing up all over your face? Is your skin starting to become saggy and loose? Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact of life that all of us are getting older and signs of ageing are inevitable.

Macular Degeneration Treatment — What You Need to Know

Woman with eye problem

We all want to maintain a sharp vision for as long as we can. However, advancements in age come with its share of vision problems. Do you know someone who’s been experiencing dark patches in their central vision area or straight lines that appear bent and wavy?