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+65 67336729
391B Orchard Rd #08-05A2 Tower B Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238874
Mon - Fri: 10AM-8PM; Sat - Sun: 10AM-4PM
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October, 2013
Cambridge Therapeutics

Cambridge Therapeutics an aesthetic centre in Singapore highly specialised in medi-spa anti-ageing treatments which restore the shine and youthful look of the face. They use physician-formulated therapies to ensure safe and quality results. Covering the whole body, hair, and face, they offer a remedy for almost every beauty nuisance you may have.

The team is made up of educated board-certified doctors, each with their own unique approach and health focus. They are easy to talk to, goal-oriented and very understanding when it comes down to what a patient wants. They go full circle by consulting the person first, checking them up to evaluate their skin condition, and then recommending a suitable treatment.


Dark eye circles treatment

The clinic has packages for puffiness and dark circles in the eye region. With the use of collagen stimulation, this procedure enables the skin to regenerate itself and build inner resilience, which then gives it a brighter and more youthful look. In addition to that, irregular skin can be reshaped and creases filled so that the face appears more proportional.

Eye bag removal Singapore

There are various benefits of eye bag removal in Singapore, as it affects the overall look of the eyes. More importantly, it attempts to reduce eye bag fat in a non-surgical manner all the while improving tear troughs a great deal. The good news is that there is almost no downtime and patients can go back to their normal activities pretty quickly.

HIFU facelift

For those interested in getting a non-surgical facelift, the specialists at Cambridge Therapeutics can deliver HIFU SygmaLIFT or, in plain words, specialised ultrasound. This is the newest technology on the market that battles wrinkles, loose skin, and fat accumulation. It works at extreme precision, with tiny but concentrated beams of energy, penetrating the top layers without actual invasion. 

People who will benefit from it are those who wish to soften their fine lines, lift eyebrows, tighten the skin, or contour the eyes and chin. The way it works is by stimulating circulation and increasing hydration. Not to mention, it calms inflammation.

Acne scar removal Singapore

If you are suffering from acne and it has left its marks on your face, use Neogen Plasma to handle the situation. The procedure aims to suppress the production of sebum, which reduces pimples. Aside from that, it eliminates redness and inflammation, making up for a balanced skin tone. To remove the actual scarring, the technology has to break the skin and spur a healing process. This is how the skin regrows with fewer marks on display.

Fat freeze Singapore

The clinic provides its innovative Clatuu 360 Fat Freeze which targets different parts of the body, such as the back, thighs, and tummy. Its main purpose is to give the skin a contoured look, although it can also lessen the appearance of cellulite. It is even more precise than older generation technologies. For this to work, patients should have multiple sessions with an interval of one to two weeks and - once the results are satisfactory - they should sign up for maintenance appointments spaced a month apart. 

Cambridge is the only medical establishment in Singapore to be conferred a Platinum Centre of Excellence when it comes to this particular procedure.

Street address: 391B Orchard Rd #08-05A2 Tower B Ngee Ann City
Postal code: 238874
Country: Singapore
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