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Dental Designs Clinic
120 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068589
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$50 - $5000
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July, 2014
Dental Designs Clinic

Many people consider the smile to be one of the most beautiful features of a person. With that in mind, it isn’t at all surprising that people nowadays have become quite obsessed with how their teeth look overall. More than that, however, people can’t abide by damaged teeth because it affects the enjoyment of food--which is for many the best escape there is. Fortunately, you have places like Dental Designs Singapore that is built from the ground up with the idea of helping people have better, beautiful teeth.

What They Are About

Dental Designs Clinic provides, at its most basic core, the most basic and general dental services. Everything that you would come to expect and need is on offer at their clinic. What sets them apart from other dental clinics is that they focus a great deal on beautifying cosmetic dentistry. This includes the creation of quality crowns and bridges, key dental implants, and very modern Invisalign to replace the traditional concept of braces.

If you're the type of person who has always feared going to the dentist, then Dental Designs has you covered. They are very particular about the long term, long-lasting quality results at the most minimal levels of discomfort possible. They achieve this by using only the most modern high-quality equipment and materials from both Germany and Switzerland. A prime example of this is their Sirona Cerec 3D CADCAM machine that's designed to create durable and beautiful ceramic and zirconia crowns - all in just a day.

Part of what makes Dental Designs Clinic very popular among people in the area is down to the streamlined and efficient process they have in place. Even a simple consultation will take you through thorough examinations that are followed by a comprehensive and no-nonsense discussion of your oral health and particular condition. Only then will they offer you highly personalized and customized plans for treatment. This really gives you peace of mind knowing they've got your back.

Who Are They

One of the things that's notable about the Dental Designs team is that they're made up of very young dentists. All of them come from prestigious institutions and finished at the top of their classes. They each have overlapping specializations that cover the gamut of their services ensuring that whoever you may get is someone you can count on to get the job done right every time. More than that, however, they also specialize in aiding those with anxieties or phobias which is a great plus in ensuring your visit is a great one.

What They Do

One of the biggest focuses of Dental Designs Clinic is on cosmetic dentistry. First among these is their use of Invisalign. It's the next big thing when it comes to fixing the alignment of crooked teeth. It works light braces minus the unsightly metal. It's one of the better ways to fix misaligned teeth without ruining the overall look. As mentioned earlier, they also provide quick ceramic bridges and crowns to cover up any damage to your teeth. Finally, they even provide teeth whitening for those that want to get rid of unsightly stains.

More than just that, however, they also offer the most critical general dental treatments that anyone could need. This ranges from comprehensive checkups to fillings, general tooth extractions, full dental cleaning, and even safe digital x-rays. They're also capable of providing for complex dental surgery like wisdom tooth surgery, dental implants, root canals, among many others. Another thing that sets them apart is their kid-centric services that are designed to take away the fear of dentists from your young one.

Should you also ever encounter a key dental emergency in your life, Dental Design is still the people to call. They can handle emergency toothaches that tend to intrude upon the comfort and happiness of one’s day. Whatever the cause of the pain, you can be sure that they are well equipped to handle things. The same holds true for cases where there is particularly severe damage as what happens when a tooth gets damaged or cracked. Their quick response and solutions ensure that you don’t ever have to suffer too long with whatever dental problem afflicts you.

Covering All Bases

Finally, the Dental Designs Clinic knows that your treatment is an investment in your overall health. It isn't easy to part with one's money when one doesn't know what value they're getting in return. That's why they offer a dental warranty on all their work. That's a whopping 10 years for any of their implant work, and a reasonable 5 years for any of their other procedures that include Invisalign. It shows how much pride and confidence they have in their work and how much they care for their patients.

For all your dental needs, Dental Designs Clinic can be found at 120 Telok Ayer Street at its junction with Cross Street. They're near the Telok Ayer MRT.

Street address: 120 Telok Ayer St
Postal code: 068589
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 16' 55.0776" N, Longitude: 103° 50' 53.3256" E