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3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-02 Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Monday to Friday : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm; Saturday : 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
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January, 2020

ENT Surgeons Medical Centre is a medical establishment with headquarters at 3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-02 Mount Elizabeth Orchard Medical Centre, Singapore 228510. The main focus falls on the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat. The clinic is run and headed by Dr. Dennis Chua who attained his medical certificates in Otorhinolaryngology locally at NUS and did some training on the island after that.

He’s also done fellowship in the USA and pursed qualifications in Edinburgh, UK as well as other places. As a result of that, he is now one of the few surgeons in the world to be board-certified and recognized as an International member of AAO-HNS.

Dr. Dennis has received a host of awards over the years. Among his most notable ones are Best Doctor Award 2005, Service with a Heart Award 2011, and Singhealth Best Doctor Award 2009. He has put together a team of professionals who attend to patients, runs diagnosis tests, and deliver treatments together.


One issue that people seek help for is allergic rhinitis. They can do a skin prick test at the clinic to see what triggers their symptoms. An array of allergens is tested including sheep wool, cat, dog, birch pollen, histamine, feather, etc. It generally takes no more than 30 minutes to find the offender. From then on, the specialists can suggest a treatment plan to reduce inflammation and clean the nasal cavities.

A common problem among patients is ear wax build-up and blockage that is often caused due to improper at-home removal. The team can look into that. 

Another condition is obstructive sleep apnoea. Being one of the most prevalent sleep-related breathing disorders globally, it affects around 7.5% men and 3.2% women in Asia. The specialists at entspecialistsingapore.com will diagnose sleep apnoea by subjecting the patient to a sleep test which could be done both on-site or at home. Then, they offer remedies and tips that will improve the symptoms.

Nose bleeds are a nuisance that can be recurrent, and as such, it needs to be investigated to rule out any serious conditions. The ENT specialists will check up the person to figure out whether what is causing the issue is a ruptured vessel or something else. They will do additional tests as necessary.

Other people have deviated septums. Depending on the severity, they may need septoplasty to correct the crookedness and enjoy life more. If left untreated, it can cause breathing difficulties and disorders.

ENT specialists are also certified to detect and treat sinusitis. Dr. Dennis Chua will assess the person using nasendoscopy and other methods - everything that works. 

Moreover, the clinic takes care of kids thanks to its paediatric services. It deals with both common and uncommon conditions that affect children such as otitis, hearing loss, infections, tonsils and adenoids, speech delays, glue ears, etc.. 

Lastly, rhinoplasty is available for those who are not satisfied with how their noses look. Dr Chua will take care of it.


The medical centre has several machines and tools that allow specialists to examine patients and obtain information about their current health condition. They use the latest technology to be more precise in their work and achieve better results in both diagnosis and treatment.

Street address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-02 Mount Elizabeth Orchard Medical Centre, Singapore
Postal code: 228510
Country: Singapore