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Dr Marlene Teo
360 Orchard Rd, #03-06/07 next to Lido, International Building, Singapore
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$100 - $3000
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January, 2020

Dr Marlene Teo is a dentist who focuses on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, which in medical speak is a periodontist. Her main work of line are bone diseases and soft tissue. She is director of An Dental, based at 360 Orchard Rd, #03-06/07 next to Lido. A graduate of the NUS, she was one of the few scholars (sixth) to have gotten BDS Honours since the university’s establishment.

Dr Marlene has a Master’s degree in Periodontology which was provided by the University of Carolina. She is now an Assistant Professor at the same university. Along with that, she used to be an adjunct lecturer at NUS for over 10 years, supervising the students who were part of the Periodontology programme. Currently, she still teaches there.

Over the years, she has given a multitude of lectures around the world on different topics concerning oral health. Being fluent in English and Mandarin, she uses both languages to spread awareness about dental diseases and the importance of proper oral care. Her philosophy is that taking care of the whole body and watching what you eat can help to prevent gum disease aside from occasional visits to the dentist.


Dr Marlene Teo is skilled at placing dental implants with artificial crowns where teeth are missing or damaged beyond repair. The implants look exactly like natural teeth, with the same contour and shape, and they feel natural as opposed to removable dentures. There are plenty of reasons to choose this option and the specialist gives patients a hand when they have to decide which is better for them.

Another area where she can be of help is root coverage. A procedure like this attempts to cover overexposed teeth which make one’s smile less attractive. It typically occurs with gum recession.

The opposite problem of that is when the gum seems to overlap most of the teeth and creates the so-called “gummy smile”. It’s not a disease or something to worry about but it can make a person feel bad about their pearly whites and want to cover their mouth with their hands when smiling. The periodontist approaches this problem by cutting part of the tissue to reveal the teeth from underneath.

In addition, Dr Marlene is certified to inspect bleeding gums to find the cause and suggest a treatment. Sometimes it can be as trivial as changing the current toothbrush with a harder one, but other times the root of the problem is much more serious and it has to be investigated further.

When it comes to gum disease, the specialist looks for any symptoms or signs that something is off, other than bleeding, such as gum recession, persistent bad breath and tender gums. Then, she has to determine if it’s one of the two major types of disease affecting these structures: gingivitis and periodontitis. And once a diagnosis is in place, she can work from there to establish periodontitis or a gingivitis treatment plan for the person to adhere to.


Dr Marlene has top-notch machines and products that enable her to examine patients, detect and treat diseases, as well as enhance people’s smiles. Her team at An Dental works to the best of their knowledge and ability.

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