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No matter how much you try to be careful with what you eat. No matter what kind of exercise you do. There will still be stubborn fats lingering around your body and are usually on parts that are quite obvious for people to see. 

Well, losing unwanted visible body fat is now achievable even without dropping all of your sweat and draining all your energy. A non-invasive treatment called Fat Freeze lets you do so. This treatment is not only making a buzz in Hollywood but also here in Singapore. Tons of aesthetic clinics and medical spas are scattered around Singapore and offer various kinds of Fat Freezing treatment and packages. 

Go through this post to know more about Fat Freeze in Singapore and let Cambridge Therapeutics give you an answer to your bulging problems. 

Fat Freeze or Cryolipolysis (cryo = cold; lipo = fat; lysis = disintegration of a cell) is a non-surgical method that kills stubborn fat cells and eliminates most of its layers at an extremely cold temperature. It targets the fats on the certain area that you choose to be treated without affecting the other cells surrounding it. Most common areas that are treated are arms, thighs, abdomen, chin, flank, butt and calves. 

How it Works and its side effects

Cryolipolysis freeze fat procedure

This treatment enhances your body shape by applying cooling pads on the selected body area. A cooling pad will then be placed on that selected body area (e.g. abdomen) and will be pressed using an applicator. This applicator will serve as a vacuum to suck in the excess fat cells. A tingling sensation might be experienced during the early part of the treatment and will slowly subside. After targeting the fat cells using the applicator, these fats will be frozen with controlled cooling and slowly be killed without harming the surrounding tissues, cells and nerves. Only the fats are affected since it is more sensitive to cold temperature. The frozen fat cells will then gradually die.

The full effect of the treatment will be noticed after a few weeks following the treatment. During these weeks, your body will release all the dead fat cells and will reduce the fat layer. 

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive treatment so there will be no downtime. A few temporary side effects may occur during post-treatment. These are soreness, bruising and numbness over the treated areas. But do not fret; these side effects will not last long. Also, one of the pros for this treatment is that it will leave no scars! 

Consultation prior the treatment

It is essential for the person getting the treatment to consult with an expert in the clinic prior to the procedure in order to have an overview about the treatment and for the expert to create a personalized plan.


There are various names for Fat Freeze. Three of the most popular ones are CoolSculpting, CoolTech and CLATUU. These three have similar ways in achieving fat freezing but may differ in pricing, process or basically, the machines or applicators used. 


There are a lot of clinics in Singapore that offer Fat Freeze treatments and every clinic has their own set of rates. You’ll usually get cheaper offers when you choose packages with 2-3 sessions. Fat Freeze pricing in Singapore will start between $300-700 SGD per treatment area or per session. For best results, 3 to 6 sessions are advised. 

Note that any type of insurance will cover no such kind of treatment.

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes. Since it is a non-invasive method and FDA approved, the risks are quite low and considered the safest and most effective way of fat reduction. But remember that you must choose a trusted and registered clinic for this. 

Is it painless?

Each of us have our own pain tolerance so it will always depend on the person getting the treatment. It will also depend on the body area where the treatment is done. You will most likely feel a bit of tingling sensations during the procedure especially during the process of freezing the fats. 

Should this be done by a doctor?

A medical license or specialization is not required in order for someone to administer this kind of treatment. 

How long will the results last?

The results usually last up to six months after the treatment process. 

Why is it different from Liposuction?

Both aim to reduce fat. Liposuction is an invasive treatment that involves incisions and stitching. 

Will it make someone lose weight?

Yes, but not really. It will reduce the bulging or excess fats that are stored in fat cells but it will not really reduce the muscle fats you have in your body. Muscle fat is heavier than body fat so it will not really make heaps of difference if you look at the scale. 


There are various fat freezing treatments and it is best if you know which option is suitable for you with the guidance of an expert. Pain is inevitable so despite it being safe, there will be some instances during the procedure wherein you will feel a few stings and tingling sensations. So watch out for that. Lastly, prepare your wallet because it is not that cheap!


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