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TES Clinic
304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza Suites #05-42, Medical Specialists, Singapore 238863
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April, 2015
TES Clinic for Face & Jaw

TES Clinic is a cosmetic surgery clinic that focuses on the cosmetics of the face and jaw. TES stands for “The Esthetic Solution” and they pride themselves in providing the highest quality cosmetic care for their patients. Based in the heart of Singapore, the clinic is open from Monday to Friday, and is also open on Saturday morning from 9 am to 13 pm to tailor to even the busiest of patients.

Dr Seah Tian Ee

Dr Seah is the head surgeon at the clinic, and his achievements speak for themselves when it comes to quality and experience. Some of these achievements are:

  • Received a scholarship from the Health Manpower Development Program, which allowed him to train in the UK as a facial aesthetic surgeon.
  • He’s a lecturer and instructor at the International Cadaver Workshop on Facial Contouring & Maxillofacial Aesthetic Surgery in Korea.
  • Co-author of the surgical manual “Local Flaps in Facial Reconstruction: A Defect-Based Approach.”
  • Published multiple articles on surgical techniques

As well as these great achievements, Dr Seah also volunteers for charity, treating people with facial deformities caused by disease or injury. With his years of experience, he’s able to provide his patients with the highest quality cosmetic surgery possible, regardless of whether it’s in his own clinic or for his charity work.

Procedures and treatments

TES Clinic focuses on both medical as well as cosmetic procedures of the face, depending on the patient’s needs. The clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical facial procedures to tailor to a wider array of situations and conditions. On top of this, various jaw surgery options are offered to tailor to both cosmetic as well as medical needs.

As of late, treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and pain is also possible. This is a pain in the jaw caused by damaged joints or muscles in the jaw and can relieve patients from a lot of discomforts.

Facial procedures

TES Clinic specialises in facial procedures and offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical solutions that help patients feel better and look better.

Non-surgical facial procedures

The various non-surgical facial procedures that TES Clinic offers tailor to clients looking for a less-intrusive option to cosmetic surgery. These treatments often take less than an hour and fit ideally within your schedule. They’re great for busy people looking for a fast improvement to their appearance. These treatments are:

  • Botulinum Toxin Injection

Relaxes muscles in the face, alleviating wrinkles and ensuring a more youthful appearance is achieved.

  • Injectable fillers

Injectable fillers help to remove wrinkles and makes the face look more supple. This makes patients look younger and is a quick procedure to get done.

  • PicoSure Laser Treatment

Helps to lighten scar tissue and remove blemishes from the skin, improving facial symmetry.

  • Thread lift

Surgical facial procedures

Surgical facial procedures often make a bigger difference than non-surgical alternatives. TES Clinic offers various surgical facial procedures that help to improve the look and feel of the face and mindset. These treatments are often a little harder on the body, most requiring a few days of recovery time. However, the results speak for themselves when it comes to creating a more youthful appearance. Some of the treatments that TES Clinic offers are:

  • Blepharoplasty

Removes baggy or droopy eyelids making the face look younger and revitalised. If the condition is very bad, this can be a medical procedure, not solely a cosmetic one.

  • Rhinoplasty

Also called a nose job, a rhinoplasty helps reduce the size of the nose or reshape it to suite the face better.

  • Lateral brow lift

Lifts the eyebrows and the side of the forehead to give the face a more youthful appearance.


Changes the shape or size of the ear for aesthetic purposes.


An operation that removes wrinkles in the face making it look younger.

Jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is also something TES Clinic offers and a variety of different treatments exist for each specific condition. Some of these surgeries are purely cosmetic, but others can be seen as medical procedures. The jaw surgeries offered are:

Orthognathic surgery

Aligns the upper and lower jaw to create a more harmonious face. In some cases, this is a medical procedure and not purely aesthetic.

Jaw re-contouring/angle reduction/V-shape jawline

Makes the lower jaw look thinner in order to get a more V-shaped face.

Malarplasty (cheekbone reduction surgery)

Surgery that reduces the width of the cheeks and the overall width of the face.

Genioplasty (Chin Surgery)

Surgery to alter the chin shape and size, and improve the look of the face.

Simultaneous orthognathic surgery and rhinoplasty

Both orthognathic surgery and rhinoplasty surgeries at the same time.

Street address: 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza Suites #05-42, Medical Specialists
Postal code: 238863
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 18' 16.4736" N, Longitude: 103° 50' 2.5224" E